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With the support of thousands of visitors, the Daily Online Edition is now in its third year.

Kothamangalam Vartha ( Online Portal is pleased to announce that the online publication of the modern form of media culture has entered the third year. Let us also bear in mind the three and a half million people who feel Malayalam is on their minds. Kothamangalam Vartha Online Portal is dedicated to all Malayalees with the prayer of “guidance”.

Kothamangalam Vartha Online Portal ( will stand for the stability of the nation and the struggle for inequality and corruption in society. It will stand for nationalism, religious harmony, civil liberties and the upliftment of the underprivileged.

Malayalees from all corners of the globe can watch the news in real time through the Kothamangalam Vartha Online Portal. The online version is designed to provide news readers with instant coverage. News of the day will be made available on online channels. The site has a special place for local and national news.

The visual content recorded on any mobile or video will be released to the site after a careful examination by the expert panel. The website will also cover the possibilities of citizen journalism. A copy of the Kothamangalam Vartha Online Portal of past issues will be made available to the readers through the “E-Paper” system of the online edition.The Internet version is made with local news, photo and video footage, and special news and features for online readers.

Politics, Sports, Business, Health & News A special section is dedicated to environmental, cultural news and various health related topics. There will also be online sharing system for readers to share their opinions. The site also features a Vote & Talk system with readers.

This news based website also includes links from Kerala Government, PRD News and PSC.